Our beginnings

Our local ENACTUS Nipissing University club was formed in 2011.  We started with only a handful of founding members, two of which are still actively involved.

In the fall of 2011, we stormed the campus with Project Warmth, and ensured everyone we could reached – Got their Pook on!

Pook, uh?! Oh ya, we partnered with POOK Toque, as seen on Dragon’s Den.  These Canadian boys, can transform just about any wearable apparel from a hockey sock!

So, using our entrepreneurial spirits, we sold our POOK toques and dukes all over campus.

Our aim was to raise $1000 for our local charity, LIPI (Low Income People Involvement) of Nipissing, so we did!

Back 2 the Tap, was another founding project, which still is evolving on campus today.  While you walk around the main campus, take note in the three water bottle refilling stations…yup that was through this project!!

In May 2012, we rode out to Calgary to compete in our first national competition.  As rookies, we didn’t know what to expect…50 other universities/colleges, from across the country were also in attendance.

We showcased our Back 2 the Tap project.

That year we won, 2012 National Rookie Champions!! 

Also, competed in in the semi-final round of competition, which only 10 teams competed in!